Klara is a Belgian radio station standing for ‘Klassieke Radio’ or ‘Classical Radio’ mainly playing classical, jazz & world music. This radio station operated by the Flemish public broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT). It is dedicated mostly to classical music but sometimes also jazz and world music.

Slogan: Blijf verwonderd (Stay surprised)

General information –

  • City: Brussels
  • Broadcast area: Belgium (Brussels, Flanders)
  • Slogan: Blijf verwonderd (Stay surprised)
  • Frequency: FM: 89.5 Brussels and Flemish Brabant; 89.9 Limburg; 90.4 East and West Flanders; 92.0 Antwerp City; 96.4 Antwerp
  • First air date: 2 December 2000
  • Format: Classical music; Jazz
  • Language(s): Dutch
  • Owner: VRT

To get more information just visit, Radio Klara official website – klara.be

Klara Continuo is a Flemish digital radio station that broadcasts classical music. It’s just like the traditional channel Klara, a public station that is mainly financed by the Flemish government.


Klara was launched on 2 December 2000 as a successor to VRT Radio 3. The change of name marked the introduction of a new programming style aimed at broadening the appeal of VRT’s classical-music channel.

During the Mozart Week in January 2006 made ​​it VRT administration announced that in the future Klara as the distinguished name would be used for cultural content on other VRT channels than just the radio.

According to the latest figures (Gulf 2015-2) of the CIM Klara has a market share of 1.94%.

History sequences

  • 2019: VRT-tower turns into yellow during Tour de France
  • 2018: New buildings for regional stations Hasselt and Kortrijk
  • 2017: Launch video platform VRT NU; Start digitalizing shellac records; New brand VRT NWS
  • 2016: Paul Lembrechts starts as CEO after the retirement of Leo Hellemans
  • 2015: The 5th management contract with the Flemish Community is signed officially.
  • 2014: King Filip of Belgium visits the VRT
  • 2013: Exhibition in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Flemish television
  • 2012: Start of “Fans of Flanders” broadcast aimed for expats in Flanders and Brussels
  • 2011: The fourth management contract with the Flemish Community is signed officially.
  • 2010: Mrs. Sandra De Preter replaces Piet Van Roe as CEO.
  • 2009: Mr. Piet Van Roe replaces Dirk Wauters as CEO.
  • 2008: The tv-channels Eén, Canvas, and Ketnet launched ‘plus streams’ with extra digital content.
  • 2007: Mr. Dirk Wauters replaces Piet Van Roe as CEO.
  • 2006: Mr. Piet Van Roe replaces Tony Mary as CEO.

Current Presentatie: Nicole Van Opstal, Lut Van der Eycken, Sylvia Broeckaert, Kristof Lowyck, Catherine Boon, Helena De Groot, Sander De Keere, Chantal De Waele, Pat Donnez, Olav Grondelaers, Mark Janssens, Heidi Lenaerts etc.

Program schedules: You can find program schedule here – klara.be/programmagids

Some Popular Programs are – Espresso, Klassiek left, Promenade, Maestro, Django, Klara live, Late Night Lab, Goldberg, Breweries, Jazz, Klara’s Top 100, Rondas, etc.


Klara annually puts some live event, largely on location. Klara is also a co-sponsor of Jazz Middelheim.

Klara Awards

The Klara Awards are Classical music awards, the counterparts of the Music Industry Awards (MIAs) for popular music, presented in five categories: best album, musician of the year, promise of the year, music personality of the year and CAREER award.

Contact Info:

Social contact: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Address: Auguste Reyerslaan 52, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.

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